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Only for Expats. Everybody gets an eGift card!

We offer you to join our online survey panel. It is internet marketing research. We will ask you to answer to web base questionnaire by PC, smartphone or tablet. The topics are about your life style, your attitude, product image, etc. It is just 3 to 20 minutes. We present everybody who return complete answered questionnaire 1,000 yen to 2,000 yen Amazon eGift card by e-mail or e-money by Paypal. Let's join us today!

Topics of survey: Life style, attitude, product image, tourism, etc.
Length of Question:3 to 20 minutes
Method: web base questioner by internet
Reward:1,000 yen to 2,000 yen Amazon eGift card or Paypal e-money
Frequency: about once a month
Qualification: Foreign nationalities who lives in Japan (not include tourists)

The way of registration: Please send e-mail writing your five information that mentioned bellow with mail title of 'Survey Panel application'. We will send back you the registration form in 24 hours.

(1)First Name and Last Name
(2)Birth Month and Year
(5)Prefecture you live now

The mail address to register: job@japanhrsolutions.com
Feel free to register on our Survey Panel!

Attention: We cannot give you eGift card or e-money only for registration. We will present the rewaed after you answer to our online survey questionnaire.

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